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Itty Bitty Angels Collaboration

This was a project that involves working with writer Malinda Shultice on a children's book that will act as an accompaniment to her autobiography. The story follows along with a young girl named Laney, whom has discovered her wish of having a younger sibling may be coming true, and the after effects when things do not go as planned. 

Venice Biennale

During the Fall of 2015, myself along with 48 classmates, had the chance to participate in the Venice Biennale during our semester abroad in Rome. The theme of the 2015 Biennale was All the World's Future, with our assigned prompt being the fate of children born to incarcerated mothers. Armed with only gauze fabric, thread, chicken wire, and our hopeful outlook, we set out to create an exhibit that focused on the child, whom we believe should be the focus of the future. The exhibit created consisted of 5 sets of figures, set up in a die like formation. The center most figure was a pregnant woman with her arms in handcuffs. Then it moved to the bottom right corner, which depicted the woman just after birth with the child swaddled directly to her chest. The figure just north of her held a child slightly older, swaddled away from the mother's chest. The figure at the left northern point now holds onto the child's hand as it attempts to make its first steps. The final figure stands a few feet away from the child as it sits and plays with toys. Within each of these figures, sits a light. As the eye moves through the figures, the light moves slowly from mother and child to just the child. Each figure is contained within a column beneath a light fixture, each fixture enveloped in gauze shaped into strips to imitate jail cell bars. The space surrounding the main sculptures allowed for viewers to intermingle with the work, and was filled with balloons that represented toys, information about incarcerated mothers, and a video display that played images of some incarcerated mothers playing with gauze like fabric taken by two students whom were allowed to visit. I was a part of the sculpture team, and was in charge of plastering the final layers of gauze onto the sculptures during installation.

Rome: Advanced Painting Students' Group Project

Myself, along with four other fine arts students, worked together on a master study of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in the church San Ignacio by Ludovico Mazzanti. The images below contain the preliminary charcoal studies, in-progress images, the final piece, individual shots of the pieces I focused on. The pieces I was in charge of were the top middle and the bottom far right corner. 

Fantasy Coffin

In Fall 2014, Iowa State University had the opportunity to host the Artist Eric Adjetey Ananag of Ghana for an art residency. He worked with the semester's woods class to create a fantasy coffin in the shape of a cob of corn. Then the color theory class, which I was a part of, had the opportunity to design and immplement a color scheme for the coffin. My color scheme, along with a classmate's whose design was similar, were chosen. After completion, the coffin was auctioned off to help fund an earthen dam in Ghana.

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