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Projects in the Works

VIXX Birth Flower Embroidery

Current series of Kpop group inspired embroidery projects. These 5in hoops hold portraits of the six members of VIXX. Each portrait will consist of the outline of each member filled with a pattern of their birth flower. Colors and flowers were chosen based on the teaser photos of the same subject matter.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.19.37

Alice in Wonderland Character Redesign

Alice in Wonderland is a classic children's story, one that I am quite fond of. After cosplaying the White Rabbit for a convention, it was decided that the characters were in need of a fashion update. There will be a total of nine character who will participate in this redesign. The inspiration for the clothing will be a combination of my own personal taste and a music video. The music video in question is Girls Generation's Paparazzi. The red color scheme fits perfectly with the vision for the project.

Mental Stability Soaps

A packaging design project for a series of bar soaps that heal things that are not completely possible to heal with our current medical practices (depression, anxiety, etc). Scents are based upon the supposed essential oils that help alleviate the symptoms of said ailments. 

soap idea.jpg

"Godfather Death" Adaptation

Sketching Materials

"Godfather Death" is a story originally written by the Grimm Brothers. I have decided to take this fascinating story and turn it into either a graphic novel or an animation (still to be determined). This piece is currently in the research phase, where I am gathering information on the different depictions and representations of death in multiple cultures, while also beginning to explore character designs.

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