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Digital Illustration

Des Moines Cityscape 1
Des Moines Cityscape 2
Des Moines Cityscape 3
Des Moines Cityscape 4
Des Moines Cityscape 5
Des Moines Cityscape 6

Des Moines Cityscapes

Illustration series depicting a floating Des Moines to pay homage to my hometown and roots. Played around with various color schemes. Images are in order based upon what I consider the most to least successful of said color scheme combinations.

Adobe Illustrator
August 2018

Surface Pattern Design

Collection of surface pattern designs. Current series depicts an overload of pineapples originally created for poster design concept. They have since been recolored and repurposed to create seamless patterns for anything from home decor to packaging design.

9/6/2018: Mockups of said products will be uploaded shortly.


Adobe Illustrator
Fall 2018-?

Pineapple Pattern 1
Pineapple Pattern 2
Pineapple Pattern 3

Poster Designs

Poster design submitted to a contest about environmental justice hosted by the Iowa Environmental Council and Raygun (a Des Moines based retailer known for their quirky and politically influenced designs). My design was one of 10 final pieces chosen to be printed as posters and postcards to raise money for this cause.


Adobe Illustrator
March 2018

Currently working on another poster design for Raygun. This time the subject revolves around the LGBTQ+ community. Will upload design once it is accepted.

Environmental Justice Poster

Personal Poster Designs

Series of poster designs created just for the fun of it.


The first set of posters depict cupcakes inspired by different Marvel heroes and villains. Each cupcake as unique as the character they represent. The second image goes into further detail and explains how each color and flavor represent said character.


Adobe Photoshop
May 2018

The next poster design is of jars filled with galaxies that represent different aspects of our lives that need to be nourished.


Adobe Photoshop
April 2018

The last set of poster designs were to celebrate the colors and flavors often associated summertime. Soda bottles were chosen because of their fruity flavors often being associated with kids and their carefree nature during the season. Made both a full and empty version.


Adobe Photoshop
April 2018

Fandom Cupcakes: Marvel
Cupcakes with Descriptions
Inspirational Jars
Soda Pattern Poster: Full
Soda Pattern Poster: Empty


This section of images is made up of those that were often created for practice or became the inspiration for later/ongoing projects.


The first image is a Digital painting practice based on a screenshot from GOT7's music video "Look".

Adobe Photoshop
March 2018

The following images are a White Rabbit character redesign based on a costume I created for a convention. This redesign sparked the start of a character redesign series that is currently in development.


Adobe Photoshop
Feb 2018

White Rabbit Redesign Version 1
White Rabbit Redesign Version 2
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