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Textile Art

Kpop Embroidery Series

In order that they appear in the gallery:

VIXX Series:

-Series inspired by the their concept photos with their birth flower/plant.

Mamamoo Series:

-Series inspired by their music video "Yes I Am" and its bright and bold color scheme.

DMC embroidery thread, wooden embroidery hoops, and cotton-based fabrics.


Spring 2017- Present

N (VIXX): Honeysuckle
Solar (Mamamoo)
Moonbyul (Mamamoo)
Wheein (Mamamoo)
Hwasa (Mamamoo)
No: Fishbone
No: Floral

Embroidery projects that involve typography and/or quotes.

Superhero: The first piece is simply about learning to help one's self, not waiting for someone to come to their aid.


NO: A series of embroideries that simply state the word "No". "No" is a sentence all on its own, no explanation required. This is something more people need to understand.

DMC Thread, Wooden embroidery hoops, and cotton-based fabric


Summer 2017-Present

Typography Embroidery

Mixed Media Textiles

Textile-based projects that utilize a variety of different textile design techniques. 


-This piece is both a literal and figurative self-portrait. The figure on the left is an actual image of myself, while the figure on the right is of an idea that has been in development for a while and has yet to be created. It represents the contrast between the artist and their potential creations.

-Created with immersion and disperse dyed fabrics with applique, embroidery, and screen printing

-Fall 2016


-A self-portrait piece that was developed through a process of pure experimentation and just seeing where the materials would lead.

-Created with immersion and disperse dyed fabrics with stenciled pigment and dye, and embroidery
-Fall 2016

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