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Graphic Design

Menu Design

Mockup menu designs for two fictional dining establishments. 

The first establishment is a cafe located on the banks of Lake Ontario. The cafe is a small and quirky place with a menu to match. The menu contains hand-drawn illustrations depicting the variety of items available for purchase. The color scheme used is based off the colors found in a photograph of the sun setting over a lake to make reference to the cafe's location.


The second menu was created for a Chinese restaurant concept. Trying to stray away from the traditional Chinese takeaway menu of white and red, I decided to take on a more natural color scheme of tan, green, and pops of orange.


Adobe Illustrator
September 2018

Lakeside Cafe Side 1
Lakeside Cafe Side 2
Lakeside Cafe Detail 1
Lakeside Cafe Detail 2
Bamboo Garden Side 1
Bamboo Garden Side 2
Bamboo Garden Detail 1
Bamboo Garden Detail 2

LIMBO soaps are a fictional series of bar soaps that heal ailments that currently do not have cures. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety currently have medications that only curb symptoms, not cure the illness. These soaps do offer a cure with the help of natural oils such as peppermint, orange, cypress, etc.


The name LIMBO is a double reference. The first reference is to the limbic system, which is the area of the brain that controls emotions. Secondly, one of the common symptoms of mental illness is disassociation, which can cause the affected to feel as if they are living in a limbo. While, the effects of the soaps is normally positive, if not used properly, they can do more harm than good.


Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
August-September 2018


OUAC Rebranding Mockup

OUAC Branding Redesign Mockup
Notebook Detail
Letterhead Detail
Misc Detail
OUAC Giftcard Mockup

After working at a Once Upon a Child location, I realized that the color scheme and brand identity needed a bit of an update. In this redesign, the old salmon and blue was replaced with a more vibrant and youthful color scheme of lime green, golden yellow, light blue, and orange. Not only does this new color scheme give the company a new and refreshing look, it is completely gender neutral as well. On top of that, the logo retaining the recycling arrows but with the new green color better allows the consumer to understand the company's role in helping the environment thorough the resale of gently used items.


Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Summer 2018


Mockup template can be found at the below link

Personal Business Cards

Business Card Design 3
Business Card Design 2
Business Card Design 1

Mockup of my personal business card ideas. The back of the cards depicts partial images from a few of my most recent personal projects. The first design has a sketch from my Alice in Wonderland Redesign. The second is a piece of a soda bottle poster. And the last depicts my cosplay rendition of the White Rabbit. The front provides a little information about myself along with contact information.


Adobe Photoshop
Summer 2018

Hard Cider Mockup

Hard Cider Mock Up: Full Set
Detail Shot
Spiced Apple
Logo Ideation

A label mockup design combining two of my favorite things: red pandas and hard cider. Each flavor is assigned a coordinating color (ie. the granny smith label is light green just like the apple it's named for). The black background and consistent use of text and imagery helps tie all the labels together, while still allowing for easy identification of the individual flavors.


Adobe Photoshop
Spring/Summer 2018

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